Video: Eva Geulen on Hannah Arendt on Walter Benjamin

Eva Geulen on Hannah Arendt on Walter Benjamin | MERKUR – Second Reading

Eva Geulen recommends for the Second Reading the portrait of Walter Benjamin written by Hannah Arendt. The text was published in 1968 in the journal Merkur in three parts and takes a unique perspective on the figure of Benjamin. A conversation with the Merkur editors Ekkehard Knörer and Christian Demand. [in German]

The digital MERKUR archive contains over 11000 texts published since the journal was founded in 1947.
In the video interview series Zweite Lesung [Second Reading], the editors Christian Demand and Ekkehard Knörer invite authors, friends and companions of the journal to talk to them about MERKUR texts that they remember particularly well, and that are worth picking up for a second reading.
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