Detlev Schöttker (ed./eds.)

Ästhetik der Einfachheit
Texte zur Geschichte eines Bauhaus-Programms
[Aesthetics of simplicity. Texts on the history of a Bauhaus programme]

Reihe Grundlagen
DOM publishers, Berlin 2019, 256 pages
ISBN: 978-3-86922-684-2

Simplicity plays a key role in modern art and architecture. Since the mid-twenties, representatives of the Bauhaus have developed a comprehensive programme that has fundamentally changed the design. The roots go back into antique rhetoric, which focused on the demand for clarity. During the Enlightenment, the demand for simplicity became a main idea of literary and architectural theory. Simplicity can take on different forms depending on the object or art, but is always the result of a creative process, of which usually only the result is perceptible. Limitation to the essential and the creation of clarity are among the elementary components. The history of the idea has not yet been comprehensively presented. The present anthology with almost 40 texts provides building blocks from antiquity to the present. In an introduction, the editor presents the historical context of the idea. Fragments and aphorisms for simplicity conclude the volume.

In German.